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Technology advisory

Using the appropriate technology streamlines your internal operations, cuts costs, increases sales, and improves your customer’s experience. Knowing which technology is best for you and how it will integrate with your current technology can be a big challenge. InnovEarth works with your team, or independently, to review your on-premise technology capabilities. We take the findings and advise on what is available, and the costs,  making sure to stay in alignment to your company goals and objectives.

Plan for the future

Knowing what you have and what you need for today is not enough. Technology innovation will continue to advance at a rapid rate. Organizations need streamlined business processes, software, and hybrid networking infrastructure solutions that are flexible and stay relevant for as long as possible. InnovEarth advises on what the market demands are today and where they’re heading, so that you’re ready and don’t have to significantly retool every other year. We find the right software partners, cabling, and network providers that make sense and will serve your needs for years.

Technology Advisory focus

Technology Review
Capability Analysis
Available Solutions and Providers
Implementation Strategy
Cost Basis Analysis

Project management

Project success starts in the initiation phase. If you have a failing project or new project InnovEarth can help.  Every stage from conception and initiation to refinement and the project’s closure must be clearly defined, measured, and considered holistically. InnovEarth works with you to clarify the goals, outcomes, responsibilities, and timelines to ensure a successful outcome.

Project management

If you already have a PMO we take your project methodology into consideration whether it be Agile, Waterfall, or any other methodology and determine  the best approach. Every project is different and may require a unique or modified methodology.

Project management focus

Performance & Control
Successful Project Close

Business analysis

InnovEarth helps both public and private sector organizations meet the demands of their unique sectors by analyzing and refining their internal processes. Quarterly losses, misaligned vision, complacency, and lack of business agility can plague organizations to the point of failure. InnovEarth can audit your processes, identify bottlenecks, and offer actionable immediate and long-term solutions.

Roadmap for success

Business transformation starts with leaders preparing and encouraging their teams to adapt the way they work in real time. To accomplish this, a culture of agility is paramount. Discover what it takes to drive transformation by changing behavior through changing mindset. InnovEarth helps you design the road map based off of where you are and where you want to go. We help you design a business architecture to create truly sustainable results.

Business analysis focus

Business Analysis Strategy
Operations and Business Process Management
People and Culture
Business System Integration

Business technology implementation

Change is not always easy, but often it’s necessary. Emerging technology frees companies and organizations to meet goals they never thought possible. The challenge for many, is how to implement new technology efficiently while minimizing operation disruption.  InnovEarth helps you choose the right technology, find the appropriate vendor, and drives the engagement to ensure a streamlined transition. Because we know your company, and know how vendors operate, we make sure every step of the implementation goes smooth and efficiently as possible.

Bring it all together

Business technology implementation takes the results of technology advisory and business analysis and puts it into motion to truly transform your business or organization. At this point you will have a clear picture of where you’re at, where you want to go, and how to get there. With new clarity we take our plan, bring in selected vendors, and put the plan into action. InnovEarth is with you every step of the way throughout the implementation process until the completion of the project, and provides ongoing support as needed.

Technology Implementation Focus

Cloud Software to On-Premise Integration
ERP Systems Enhancements and Integration
Quality Management Systems
Software System Migrations
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

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